IT Accessibility Workgroup


The fundamental purpose of the UCI IT Accessibility Workgroup is to increase and enhance the accessibility of UCI’s electronic communications and its IT environment. To this end the workgroup is tasked with implementing UC policy IMT-1300 (Information Technology Accessibility) and meeting the requirements set forth within. By supporting IT accessibility, UCI helps ensure that as broad a population as possible is able to access, benefit from, and contribute to its electronic programs and services. IT accessibility is not a one-time UC-wide effort, but instead needs to be incorporated into every IT activity on an ongoing basis.

To facilitate implementation of the policy across campus, the workgroup consists of members representing a broad range of campus units and functional areas. Each member supports the workgroup’s charge in the member’s respective campus unit and/or functional areas and, as appropriate, provides specialized skills and expertise to the workgroup and campus with respect to meeting UC policy and achieving workgroup goals.

Specific pursuits of the workgroup include the following:

  • Accessibility awareness, education, and outreach
  • IT accessibility process monitoring and guidance
  • Technology procurement oversight
  • Risk Identification, mitigation and prioritization of campus needs
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Vendor selection and management
  • General IT Accessibility program management and administration
  • IT Accessibility Scanning and Testing (Products)

The above list is subject to modification and refinement according to campus needs as determined by the workgroup.

Workgroup Members

The UC systemwide policy recommends each campus form a committee with representation from a broad range of functional areas that are able to address academic, research, and administrative concerns and needs regarding electronic accessibility. The members of UCI’s workgroup are:

Kian Colestock OIT Office of the CIO
Todd McGill Strategic Communications & Public Affairs
Judi Franz Classroom Technology Support
David Pritikin Classroom Technology Support
Patty Furukawa School of Law
Somphone Eno Disability Services
Stefano Stefan Division of Continuing Education
Meredith Ehrenberg Portal & Information Architecture
Katja Grigorova Procurement Services
Desiree Fleming Human Resources
Steve Tajiri Student Life & Leadership
Ashley Burke Libraries
Amber Robbins Health
Khym Penfil Campus Counsel
Jenifer Swann Division of Finance & Administration
Shaina Sims Division of Finance & Administration
Greg Ruth Office of Research
Gwendolyn Kuhns Black Office of Equal Opportunity & Diversity