Captions and Transcripts FAQs

With almost all UCI classes going digital, the need for captions and transcripts for audio/video content is at an all-time high. But why are they necessary? How do you create captions or transcripts? What resources does UCI offer to make audio/visual content accessible? The information below answers these questions and provides some understanding of digital accessibility.

What is captioning?

What is a transcript?

Which is better: captions or transcripts?

Why is it necessary to create captions and transcrips?

When is creating captions and transcripts required?

Who is responsible for creating captions and transcriptions?

How do you create pre- or post-recorded captions and transcrips?

How do you create live captions and transcrips?

Can someone refuse to provide transcrips if a lecture is copyrighted?

Where should you go if you need help?