FAQs related to Access & Accommodations During Remote Operations

Section 1

What if I need an accommodation for a disability for remote learning?

Students with disabilities are eligible to register with the Disability Services Center, also known as DSC. DSC can help these students develop accommodation plans, which include accommodations for remote learning. An example of a remote learning accommodation is real-time transcription of an online lecture. Students who need remote learning accommodations can register with DSC online, calling by phone at (949) 824-7494, or by emailing

How do I make my remote teaching accessible?

UCI has some great resources on how to make remote teaching accessible.

To learn more about digital accessibility resources generally, please read the UCI Digital Accessibility Resources page.

What if I need an accommodation for a disability for telecommuting?

Employees with disabilities may require reasonable accommodations to perform their job duties in a remote environment. Examples of reasonable accommodations include providing accessible computer technology or assistive devices in an employee’s home. Employees who need an accommodation should contact their supervisors or Wendy Pawling, UCI Human Resources Management Consultant, at 949-824-9756 or

What If I am an Essential Employee with a disability who cannot unlock the door to my building?

You can ask for a reasonable accommodation to help you open the door. Example requests include a system that lets you open the door yourself or someone to let you in at a certain time. Faculty and staff can make these requests to their building managers and/or assistant deans. Student employees should contact the faculty/staff member who is supervising their work to determine if they are essential; if so, then the faculty/staff member should coordinate with their building managers and/or assistant deans to provide access to the student employee.

How do I host an accessible Zoom meeting?

During remote operations, most meetings are taking place virtually. UCI meetings, webinars, and speaker events are being conducted via Zoom, an online video communications platform. The Office of Information Technology has prepared a web resource with tips and tools for making a Zoom meeting accessible. Go to the UCI TechPrep page on Accessible Zoom Meetings. Zoom also has information about its accessible features. Another helpful resource is OIT's page on How to Host a Secure Zoom Event and Prevent Zoombombing.