Common Facts and Questions
Below are some common facts and questions regarding accessibility and compliance.


What are some tips on making a classroom accessible?

Instructors should refer to the DSC Faculty Handbook for initial guidance in providing access for students with disabilities.

For more information, refer to the following websites:

UCI Teach Anywhere
UCI Tech Prep
Instructor Resources


How do I use captions and transcripts in my class?

Captions and transcripts are invaluable when considering accessibility in the classroom.

Visit our captions and transcripts page below for some common facts and questions!

Captions and Transcripts FAQs


How do I request an ESA in the dorms?

You are required to submit two forms when applying for an emotional support animal for housing:

  1. A health care or social services provider form in support of your application for an ESA in UCI Housing.

  2. A veterinary health form.

UCI ESA Policy

ESA Acquisition Information


How do I request Ring Road Rides?

You must be registered with the Disability Services Center and must have met a DSC counselor in order to receive Ring Road Rides accommodation.

DSC Ring Road Rides Page


How do I monitor my website for accessibility changes?

Siteimprove is a utility that scans websites for accessibility issues and provides periodic reports.

Learn more about Siteimprove


How do I access support services?

Mental health and complainant support services can be found on UCI's faculty and staff support services website.

Support Services Website